" FLY YOGA has shifted my perception of what yoga is and what it is for, deepening my practice spiritually. While the physical challenge of Justyn's classes is what drew me in, the way she challenged me mentally and spiritually is what kept me coming back. I have begun to honor my body for everything it allows me to do, both on and off the mat, and started listening to what it needs from me. I no longer feel the desire to push or overextend my body; rather, I trust my body to know when it needs a fast-paced vinyasa flow, restorative poses, or just a nap or a day off. The small group classes and workshops at FLY studio cultivate a unique and powerful energy that fills the room and stays with me long after I leave. If you find yourself asking, "Is this all there is?" at the end of your current yoga class, I highly recommend you find your way to this program!" -Jennifer Pelletier


"One-on-one sessions with Justyn, for me, have been numinous to say the least. Unlike a regular class format, practicing alone with my teacher enables me to receive her gifts tailored specifically to me. Together, we are able to create objectives for a suitable course, uncover obstacles that impede my journey, and settle into a space that nurtures growth and healing. I feel secure asking questions mid-pose and trying on new suggestions because Justyn creates a compassionate space for me to open up to my own vulnerability, enhancing my experience. I keep a journal of each session, finding it very useful in subsequent study and meditation as my favorite go-to guide on and off my mat.

Humbled with gratitude for the opportunity to work with Justyn in this manner, my yoga practice has been profoundly inspired and I joyfully embrace a more authentic self.."-Mandi Idnam


 "Today I spent the morning practicing amazing inversions I never thought I would be able to do (and finding such freedom in even the act of attempting the poses, the results didn’t matter!), and the afternoon teaching and being taught by my fellow students. Yoga all day, and all I can think is how excited I am for more tomorrow! Today was SO beautiful!." -Natasha Jakway



"Justyn has helped me achieve new heights in my yoga practice and life. For a long time I had limited thinking or false "stories" about who I was, am, or could become. I am no longer limited. I am Free. Justyn has helped me hone engagement with my mind, body, and spirit. She supports me through verbal encouragement  wisdom, compassion and pure belief that I will and am continuously working towards my highest self. Wherever I go, I bring Justyn's teachings with me. I'm currently working with Justyn every other week and will soon be working with her weekly. I will go out of my way to spend time with Justyn to better my practice and deepen my mind, body, and spirit. I recommend Justyn to beginner to advanced yogis to deepen their practice through use of inversions." -Michael Rasley


"The light that Little Bird (Justyn) shines is super bright. She has warmed my heart to honor the teacher in all things, and illuminated my strength once perceived as weakness." - Daniel Zamzow


"FLY YOGA has been an incredible change for my outlook on life. It has been trans formative for the way I think of myself, and also the way I handle challenges on and off the mat. From the first time my friend mentioned it to me, I was honestly terrified. I had done yoga pretty regularly, but not with such personal attention and for 90 minutes! I really liked the idea of being able to blend into a larger class, without anyone noticing my mistakes or struggles. I was thoroughly surprised at my change of mindset leaving my first class. I was able to try poses I had never done before, and having that smaller class allowed for the attention and personal motivation to accomplish those poses.

It was not long before I found myself really looking forward to these flows! I felt less like someone who did yoga, but more like a yogi. These practices have especially allowed me to feel open and connected with the energy around and eliminate judging my own practice. I have learned to accept whatever I am feeling, and breathe through any roadblocks that may pop up. Not only do I take the lessons learned with me in my other practices, but I have found myself applying them to experiences in my daily life. Truly a magnificent and unique experience which I am honored to participate in." - Vanessa Stromberg